Friday, 2 November 2012

Kyung Bok Palace

Kyung Bok Palace (604) 207-1120 Central Richmond 5300 #3 Rd Richmond, BC V6X Mediocre-average food, unsatisfactory service During the summer, my mom and i went to visit Kyung Bok pace. We frequently dine at this restaurant, as it is one of the few authentic korean restaurants operating in Richmond. Unfortunately, the food qualities has been declining, while the service was always not that pleasant. style=""> I opted for the bimbimbap and seafood soup from the "specials" menu while my mom opted for seafood noodles in the regular menu.
 After ages of waiting, our banchans (side dishes) finally arrived. My mom and i both thought that the kimchi was a bit on the salty side, while the potato and bean sprouts tasted good.
I wonder if Kyung Bok place makes their own kimchi or simply purchases them...
 My mom said that her noodles tasted normal, although the noodles were very chewy, which is good. She also noted that the soup base tastes very msg ish...
My bimbimbap was the second to arrive. It was just a regular bimbimbap, with nothing too special or too absurd. What made me very upset was that my soup took FOREVER to arrive. I remember that i was almost done eating my bimbimbap when the soup finally arrived. Also, it was a tad bit on the salty side too. However, the flavour and the spiciness was satisfactory .
Overall, our dining experience at Kyung Bok palace is satisfactory, yet i would strongly suggest them to improve their service. Kyung Bok Palace on Urbanspoon

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